gr :: multi-accompanist

Glen has performed with countless extraordinary artists – as a sideman (guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, keys), in bands, in concert, spontaneously, in camp, and as the house-band guitarist for the Posi Music Festival and Posi Awards (for positive music) for several years – with such names as Penny Nichols, Sloan Wainwright, David Roth, Sue Riley, Kate Taylor, Livingston Taylor, Freebo, Lance Hoppen of Orleans, Harold Payne, Pat Nichols Band (not the blues band), Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Alan Parsons Project, Blue Oyster Cult, Dokken), Julie Snow, Jan Garrett & JD Martin, Marci Geller, Angela McKenzie, Mara Levine, Josh Joffen, Billy Joel (spontaneously – Billy crashed his gig), and many others.