gr :: studio musician / arranger / producer

Glen began his recording career at the age of 12. Working with any recording device he could get his hands on he began multi-tracking and harmony arranging that same year – sound-on-sound with open-reels and on the very first 4-track cassette recorders available in the US. On those first recordings Glen played guitars, bass, lead vocals, keyboards, sound effects and harmonies…those were just baby steps.

Fast forward, and now to his credit are seven self- or co-produced CDs (From Beginning to End, Smaller Things, Unfolding [solo recordings, Inspireline Records]; Red Apples And Gold, Songs of Hope and Freedom [Gathering Time, Inspireline Records] and ambition [gush, Indigo Records]), and Go Out and Shine [by Glen Roethel and Sue Riley, emPower Music & Arts]; a beautiful holiday compilation (More Than A Season) and a compilation of healing songs titled Infinite Surface of the Heart by emPower Music & Arts both include Glen’s songs, lead/background vocals, guitars and ukulele, as do several gorgeous and award-winning recordings by Penny Nichols, Sloan Wainwright, David RothSue Riley, Joe Iadanza, Paul Helou, Mara Levine, Josh Joffen, Michael Carr, Kayli Joseph, Phil Teumim, Mitch Katz, Amy Soucy & Sharon Goldman, DejaVoodoo, Grimm Jack, gush, Focus, Pat Nichols Band, and more.

As founder and primary creative in the popular folk-rock trio Gathering Time, Glen penned, arranged, recorded, and produced much of the group’s catalogue until 2013. Since returning to his solo work he has contributed many of those skills to numerous new records by other well-loved acts – some critically acclaimed.