Sep 14 - 17 2022


All Day

17th Annual emPower Music Festival and Posi Awards

The premiere awards event and music festival for New Thought Music, this will be our first time together in person in a few years, so anticipation is high. It’s the 17th annual event, and the music is as stellar as ever! Concerts, classes, parties, awards – I’m a bit beside myself because, in addition to my usual joy of being part of this remarkable tribe, I am also a Posi Award nominee (along with my musical sisters Judy Kass and Amy Soucy – Us!)…AND I am receiving the prestigious Grace Note Award from Unity Worldwide Ministries – what an honor! And my dear musical friend, Harold Payne is receiving his 2020 Grace Note Award; standing beside him in this context amplifies the honor for me 1,000-fold! All of this in addition to my expected roles: graphic designer for emPower, House Band guitarist and band Director (with irreplaceable support from my Co-Director, Carole Tomhave!), showcasing artist, after-party bash music director, and whatever else I forgot. Can you tell I love this?!

Here are the 2022 Nominees:

Inner/Outer Peace

  • A Call to Peace – Harold Payne
  • On the Wings of a Song – JD Martin and Jan Garrett
  • Nighthawk – Tia McGraff and Tommy Parham

Spiritual Not Religious

  • Love Song of Everything – Jesse Powers
  • I Will Be There For You – Roger Tomhave/Claudia Carawan/Melinda Wood Allen
  • Angels Don’t Always Wear Wings – Harold Payne

Personal Transformation

  • I’m Gonna Find It – Daniel Nahmod
  • Out of the Blue – Megon McDonough
  • My Brave – Kristen Lloyd


  • You Are Welcome Here – John Stringer
  • Be Together – Sam and Luci feat. Addi McDaniel, Alexa Goddard, Anders Rane, Erin Marsz and Gaeya
  • Winter Moon – Teri Scheinzeit

Social Justice

  • Raise the Vibe – Bob Sima
  • The Better Side – Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill
  • I Stand for Love – Karen Drucker and Gary Lynn Floyd


  • Dance Across the Sky – Kipyn Martin
  • The Robin’s Song – JD Martin and Ron Kristy
  • Steel in Your Spine – Daniel Nahmod

Group Chant

  • You Are Welcome Here – Karen Drucker and Harold Payne
  • As I Am – Summer Osborne
  • Every Step is Holy – Gary Lynn Floyd Karen Drucker

Green Earth

  • Gaea Lives – Ginger Doss
  • Your Time is at Hand – Faith Rivera and Wayne Sloan
  • We’ll Get There – Us! (Glen Roethel/Judy Kass/Amy Soucy)


  • Turn This Ship Around – Phillip Sandifer and Judy Klass
  • Hold On – Patricia Bahia
  • Someone Else – Phillip Sandifer


Honorable Mentions 2022

Vast Prosperity: by Jeannie and Leo Burke

Butterfly Effect: by Larry Heral

Love Is Waiting
: by Karen Novy

The Forgotten Song: Music by D Ray Polk; Lyrics by D Ray Polk and Sharon Taylor Wilson

Dancing with Angels: by Denise Ganulin

Yes I Can: by Lucie Lynch

Alchemy: by Amber Norgaard

You Matter: by Kerry Patrick Clark

Hold Your Light: Music by Eddy Hobizal; Lyrics by Sarah Cade

Paint the World: Music by Ryan Nicholson; Lyrics by Ryan Nicholson and Lisa Whitters

Spread Love: by Len Seligman

Together We Can Change the World
: by Lezlee Monroe

Walking Each Other Home: by Julie Fulcher-Davis

Holy Waters: by Deb Chamberlin

Something Greater: by Cliff Rubin

Rise and Rise Again: by Kristy Sinsara Hudson

The event is finished.