I didn’t want to go. COVID was freaking me out, and the thought of 8 hours in airports and planes made my skin crawl. I was deeply concerned for the safety of our fans, friends, and family members who would go on the trip, so I worked hard researching the rules, travel requirements for USA and Ireland, acceptable tests for the return home, and I worked closely with Inishfree Tours to make sure everything was in place. We had led the last tour in 2019 before COVID shut the tours down; this would be the first tour since. Then I bought paper straws so I could enjoy a little wine on the flight – under my mask 🙂

It was gonna be an Irish tour sandwich. Had to do it. Still didn’t want to, so I begged my best friend, Tom Grogan and his dear wife, LyAnn to come on the trip. Tom had roots in Ireland, relatives too. He had always wanted to go to Ireland. I hadn’t seen Tom and LyAnn for so long. I missed them, and I missed my friends in Ireland. After some hesitancy, they dove in. Tom got in touch with his relatives, arranged for an extended stay, and we were on our way! I knew I would again witness an emotional and life-changing adventure: my best friend would touch his roots, and I would have the last reason I needed to move forward with my plans.

We were headed for Ireland in April of 2022. I’m coming home again, Ireland!

* * * * * * * * * *

If you want to learn about Ireland first-hand, as I have, join me with my musical co-hosts, Sloan Wainwright and Sue Riley on April 14–23, 2023. We will visit Counties Cork, Kerry, and Clare.

(Beautiful photo by my friend Tom Grogan’s camera – because he’s in the photo! – on the tour in 2022!)

There are still a few seats left in April 2023! Use the link below to check.