From Beginning To End


From Beginning To End is Glen’s debut full-length CD (2004/INSPIRELINE). Its themes are life, stewardship of the Earth, self-love, family, a search for meaning, and connection.

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Produced by Glen Roethel, Steve Young, and Ely Joseph (also lead guitar on Kindling), this debut CD delivers message-driven musical landscapes in the spirit of singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens and John Denver – from big expressive Rock to ballads and gentle Folk, with just a touch of R&B, Bossa Nova Jazz, meditation, and dance groove. Guest performances include masterful drumming by Otsie Cimring and Izzet Mergen, joyful percussion by Nigerian talking drum master, Kofo The Wonderman, hypnotic keys by Kayli Joseph and Jack Licitra (a guest lead vocal as well!), lead guitar by Ely Joseph and Steve Young (also on bass and percussion), the playful voices of Tibetan children, and the thoughtful unison of the “You Can Change Choir.”

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