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Jun 21 - 25 2023


In-person Show!

emPower Music Festival

Join me at The emPower Music Festival and 19th Annual emPower Music Awards at Unity Village in Kansas City, MO, June 26–30, 2024!

I’ll be performing in concerts and showcases with amazing Posi Artists and also presenting a lively Q&A workshop about technologies that can help us – when they aren’t hurting us – during the 5-day event.

Music & Tech Topics ~ A Q&A Session About…


• Livestreaming

• Zoom + other software

• Computers

• Devices

• Social Media

• Music Business

• Music Notation

• Video

• Large File Sharing

• and whatever else ails you 🙂

We all have questions, many in common, so let’s put it out there!

“Can I livestream from my backyard?” “If I record a video on my phone, how do I share it with others?” “Why do Zoom videos look so BAD?!?” “How can I record clear video with great sound on my computer for free?”

Your questions build the curriculum. C’mon. Let’s talk!

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The emPower Music Awards were introduced in 2005 to recognize excellence in songwriting for positive, emPowering Music.

What is Posi? [It’s just short for “positive” and it’s pronounced Pah-zee.]

Posi or (Positive) Music is its own unique genre which is defined primarily by its message and can be any musical style, but have in common messages of peace, unity, healing, emPowerment, personal and global transformation, social justice and environmental sustainability. It is also known as New Thought music.

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The event is finished.