Jun 21 - 25 2023


In-person Show!

emPower Music Festival

Join me at The emPower Music Festival and 18th Annual Empower Music Awards at Unity Village in Kansas City, MO, June 21-25, 2023!

I’ll be performing in concerts and showcases with amazing Posi Artists such as Daniel Nahmod, Denise Rosier, Harold Payne, Sloan Wainwright, Greg Tamblyn (and many more!), and also presenting three workshops over the 5-day event:

  1. Self-Promotion, Digital Distribution, and other sticky wickets for Indy Musicians
    Are you overwhelmed with managing your creativity? What about “Spotify? Pandora? YouTube? Apple Music? iTunes? Amazon? CDBABY? Tunecore? SoundExchange? ASCAP, BMI, SESAC? Copyright? ISRC codes? Barcodes?
    Glen Roethel, Posi recording artist, record producer, guy who’s in the same boat but has done some paddling has some very helpful tips. Independent artists need to do some things, can do a bunch of other things; how do we differentiate? Glen delivers a roadmap with a brief overview of many of these plus how they fit in your universe. Time-permitting, we’ll all benefit from a little Q&A (so bring your questions!)
  2. Recording A CD (Where do I begin…and then what?!)
    Step-by-step instructions so you can navigate the process like a pro. In this rapid crash course we will begin the demystification of songwriting, recording studios, “Physical CD or Digital Download or Both?”, ISRC codes, barcodes, packaging & graphic design, disc manufacturers, digital distribution, selling music on your website…
  3. Glen’s 5 Top Tips For LiveStreaming – plus bonus performance tips! (from Glen Roethel – Posi Artist, Band Director, Producer – and Your Connection Coach @
    We can broadcast our concerts and events to the world online…but how? It’s weird, there’s no audience in the room with you! And tech is confusing! Don’t fret. Yes, it is weird, but it’s gonna be OK. And tech is pretty easy (when you have a little help). In this class you’ll get some good guidance, equipment and software suggestions for various scenarios, plus performance tips for “no in-person audience” situations. Time-permitting, we’ll all benefit from a little Q&A (so bring your questions!) PLUS BONUS PERFORMANCE TIPS!

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Song Submissions will be open from January 25, 2023-May 15, 2023 – click here!

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The emPower Music Awards were introduced in 2005 to recognize excellence in songwriting for positive, emPowering Music. Song Submissions will be open from January 25, 2023-May 15, 2023.

What is Posi? [It’s just short for “positive” and it’s pronounced Pah-zee.]

Posi or (Positive) Music is its own unique genre which is defined primarily by its message and can be any musical style, but have in common messages of peace, unity, healing, emPowerment, personal and global transformation, social justice and environmental sustainability.

If you like what you’re reading, I suggest that you get connected to the vibrant and remarkable community at emPower Music & Arts – click here and sign up for a free site membership!

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