image of flyer for The Song Sessions retreat, by Cosy Sheridan


Sep 27 - 29 2024


7:30 pm




In-person Show!

CONCERT + MUSIC & SONG WORKSHOPS: Glen, Cosy, Sloan, Charlie

THE SONG SESSIONS • CONCERT + MUSIC & SONG WORKSHOPS with Cosy Sheridan, Charlie Koch, Sloan Wainwright, and Glen Roethel

DATES: Sept 27–29, 2024 

Tuition $325

Tuition includes dinner on Saturday night in a local home. After dinner we will have Student Coffeehouse in Nelson Town Hall.


  • Friday night • Concert at Nelson Town Hall
  • Saturday and Sunday • Workshops
  • Saturday night • Student Coffeehouse


  • Cosy Sheridan | Songwriting: Finding Creative Lift-Off
  • Sloan Wainwright | Voice: Sing Heart Body and Soul
  • Charlie Koch | Guitar: Falling in Love with Chords
  • Glen Roethel | Guitar: Farther Up the Fingerboard

Join us for two days of creativity,  fun and friendship at our second year of The Song Sessions. Classes begin Saturday morning.

To register, or for more info, send an email to cosysheridan (at)

Local housing available:  $60/room per night.

Scan this to visit the info page at Cosy’s website,

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Hourly Schedule

Friday evening – concert!

FRI 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Concert at Nelson Town Hall
Cosy Sheridan has been called "a buddhist monk in a twelve-step program trapped in the body of a singer-songwriter’ and also one of the era’s finest and most thoughtful songwriters"; Charlie Koch has trained horses, sailed across the Atlantic more than once, and fronted an R&B band. He now tours playing bass for his wife, Cosy; Sloan Wainwright is a songwriter, singer, performer, teacher, mentor and collaborator. Her music, unique hybrid of pop, folk, jazz and blues is unified by her melodious tone and rich, powerful contralto; Glen Roethel, a singer-songwriter/entertainer with thousands of hit songs up his sleeves knows what makes performing exciting. He brings an irresistible energy to song camps, events, music gatherings, and joyful concerts as Sloan's accompanist.
SAT 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
SUN 10:00 am - 9:30 pm
Workshops, dinner, and coffeehouse
Play songs and sing for each other!