Unfolding CD Captures 3rd Posi Award Nomination

Unfolding_On-CDI couldn’t be more proud. My song “Together” has been nominated alongside “House of the Soul’s Belonging” by JD Martin/Marcy Baruch/Jan Garrett and “Joy In Our Hearts” by Karen Drucker/JD Martin in the Uniting category. [Ed. note: Glen plays some pretty funky guitar grooves on the “Joy In Our Hearts” recording – a spectacular song from the original 12-song holiday compilation, More Than a Season released by emPower Music & Arts in 2013]. These are some great writers/artists, and I am deeply honored to be counted among them.

Hey, wait a minute! I’m not done talking about “Together” and Unfolding!

“Together” was recorded at Inspireline and at The Wind-Up Shop, where the very talented Jay Mafale made me laugh my tail off while he engineered and mixed. (I just love it when somebody else does the heavy lifting!) Penny Nichols painted delicious background vocals, and Mark Dann mastered it all. This was a crackerjack team!

Also nominated from this same CD (but in 2013): “Beautiful Now” and “Family.” “Beautiful Now” featured the same studios/mastering, but with the backing vocal gifts of Amy Soucy and Sharon Goldman – two very talented young ladies! “Family” was recorded at Inspireline, featuring my co-writer Sue Riley on piano and harmonies.

Mind you, none of this would have happened if I’d not attended SummerSongs – that is where I had the great fortune to meet Penny, Mark and Sue Riley (of emPower Music & Arts)!

No holes in this CD! OK. Thanks. I feel better now.

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