Jul 21 - 27 2024


All Day


In-person Show!

SummerSongs 2024 ~ Songwriting Retreat & Camp

Sunday, July 21–Saturday, July 27, 2024

The 26th Annual SummerSongs @ the Stony Point Center (NY)

We’ve come a long way since our first camp when founder Penny Nichols brought her dream to life and lit a candle that’s still burning brightly today. Every camp has been special in one way or another, and this one will give us a chance to remember and celebrate our journey, both as campers and as a community. We welcome newcomers!

Registration will open in February, 2024 at

Our songwriting camp began in 1999 as a dream realized by Penny. We’ve gathered every year since then in upstate New York to reconnect, collaborate, celebrate, and learn from and about one another and the world through the lenses of songwriting, creativity, and humanity.

We do this by presenting the finest songwriters we know who also happen to be great, generous, and humble communicators of this craft we hold so highly. We offer classes, coffeehouses, concerts, song circles, and community, and we’ve collectively discovered how meaningful and enriching our time together is.

We can’t wait to welcome you once more.

David Roth ~ Executive Director

Board of Directors
Chris Kunstadter ~ President
Sloan Wainwright ~ Vice President
Sue Riley ~ Treasurer
Mitch Katz
Steven Prasinos
Glen Roethel
Julie Snow

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