Glen Roethel at the PosiAwards 2017

Glen at the PosiFest, PosiAwards, Totally Cool Song School – 2017

It must have been 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day in Tampa as we gathered to celebrate, teach, learn, share, showcase and perform Posi (positive) songs –  songs with messages of personal empowerment, transformation, connection, healing, respect for all things, unity, social justice – all good things. For a person like me who believes in the power of music to make change, the PosiFest by emPower Music & Arts is a dream destination, every year. It happens in February – this time, Thursday, February 23, 2017 – Monday, February 27, 2017, and along with many concerts, song circles, workshops, keynotes, open mics, and mentoring sessions,  it included two other events: the Posi Awards, and Totally Cool Song School.

The Posi Awards

The awards show is the grand finale of the Posi Music Festival. Currently, the emPower Posi Awards is a songWRITER recognition awarding songwriters. (The majority of Posi artists write their own songs. )

Hundreds of songs are submitted and rated by emPower’s  membership of fans and artists. The winners are determined from the finalists by a distinguished panel of judges.

And the 2017 awards go to….

Glen and Sloan at PosiFest 2017

Another great opportunity to sing “Vanishing Point (Flying)” with Sloan! #PosiFest2017 #PosiAwards2017

Healing Category
“If You Want to Be Happy” – Sloan Wainwright, Jana Stanfield, Sue Riley

Uniting Category
“One Heart” – Denise Rosier

Social Justice Category
“One Step” – Harold Payne

Personal Transformation Category
“Walkin’ in the Right Direction” – Harold Payne, JD Martin

Music That Matters Category
“Why Wait” – Daniel Nahmod

New Thought Category
“All is Well” – Jon Scott

Video Category
“Us and Them” – Anthony Burbidge

Richard & Sue receiving Grace Note Award

We awarded a Grace Note Award to Richard Mekdeci and Sue Riley – two of the founders of emPower Music & Arts – for their extraordinary contributions to the Positive Music / New Thought Music movement. You may have noticed above that Sue got her first Posi Award as well for her amazing cowrite in the Healing Category, “If You Want to Be Happy” (written with Sloan Wainwright and Jana Stanfield).

Glen's new roadie - maybe the ukulele fits better...

And I now have a “roadie in training.” Be sure to read his shirt! And that’s dear Jenny-Jen-Jen on the right 😉

“Yours truly” wore a bunch of hats this year: House Band Director and guitarist, graphic designer, showcase artist, accompanist, After-Party organizer/director, Advisory Board Member, Song School teacher, Nominee CD Executive Producer, fan… kind of a lot, but it was a really good time, with many hours of magnificent music, togetherness, and fun.

Hey, enter some music. Come next year! I’ll show you around 🙂

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